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6 dingen die we kunnen leren van Rory Bosio’s UTMB-overwinning

Rory Bosio won eind augustus voor de 2e maal op rij de UTMB. Zes dingen die wij ‘amateurs’ kunnen leren van deze geweldige prestatie.

1. …dat Snickers en Cola prima brandstof zijn tijdens een ultra

“I had the diet of a very unhealthy teenage boy. Candy bars and Coca-Cola! I literally drank three liters of Coke during the race. [No wonder I wasn’t able to fall sleep well for a couple nights — caffeine was still surging through my veins!] I had Lisa Burnes, my crew leader and The North Face Endurance Team Manager, pour it directly into my hydration-pack bladder so I could drink it on the go. Sometimes I would dilute it with water, others not.”

2. …dat ook in een ultra na regen zonneschijn komt

“Also during low times I tell myself to just ride it out and accept that I’m feeling crummy, that hopefully it won’t last. I can usually tolerate low points of a few hours before I really go into the dark places and want to drop. Patience is key. Of course, it’s easier said than done.”

3. …dat we niet te moeilijk moeten doen over een ultra

“Beautiful scenery, enthusiastic spectators, tons of friends cheering me on, amazing trails, and great people to run with — what’s not to like? I view it as an adventure more so than a race. The objective is always to get to the finish, but I try to make it enjoyable along the way by keeping it all in perspective. We weren’t storming the beaches of Normandy; it’s just a running race. I try not to take it so seriously.”

4. …dat ultra’s toch ook een klein beetje een teamsport is

“I ran a lot in no-man’s-land this year, but I also had a few stretches where I kept leapfrogging positions with the same few guys. It was great to talk to them and encourage each other toward the finish. Even when I was running with the other top women it didn’t feel like a cutthroat competition. Nuria [Picas, the women’s second-place finisher] and I hiked together for part of the climb out of Courmayeur. Just the two of us in the darkness, both feeling crappy at that point but encouraging each other and making sure the other was doing okay on food and water intake. I love that part of ultrarunning.”

5. …dat je een nieuwe paar trailschoenen prima aan kan trekken tijdens een wedstrijd

“I wore the same pair the entire race. Actually, the first time I put them on was the morning of the race. By Les Contamines I felt like I’d broken them in.”

6. …dat rust en goed eten de dagen voor een ultra belangrijk is

“The week before I do a major taper: barely any running, maybe a couple hikes, and a short 45-minute run — but nothing strenuous. I put my feet up on the wall a lot. I eat a clean, healthy diet and really focus on getting a good dinner in two nights before the race. As for sleep, the most important night for me is also two nights before the race, not the night before.”

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Foto: UTMB / Michel Cottin

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